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Design and Validation of tanks and pressure vessels as per ASME Section VIII Div. 1 or 2

Technical services for new tanks and pressure vessels and existing ones:

  • Complete design as per Section VIII Div.1 or 2 of the ASME BPV code.
  • FEA simulations
  • File preparation for CRN registration with the local authority


Design and validation of tanks as per API-620 and API-650

Technical services for new tanks and existing ones:

  • Wall thickness calculations
  • Roof design calculations
  • Intermediate wind girder calculations
  • Wind load and stability calculations
  • Seismic load and stability calculations
  • Anchor bolt calculations
  • Opening reinforcement calculations
  • Alternative validation through FEA simulations
  • « Fit for Service » as per API-579
  • Analysis as per API-653
  • Effective life evaluation
  • Alternative validation trough FEA simulations