Our services

Conception BTTS Inc. operates in various industrial domains. Our clients come from the pharmaceutical, agri-food, dairy, oil and transport industries. We also offer our services to SME (small and medium enterprises) to support them during the development phase of their products and services.

Through its expertise, Conception BTTS Inc. has the ability to answer all your needs regarding the development of your new products and the improvement of your existing ones.  Conception BTTS Inc. can also support you during your R&D phase of your projects and provide you with the necessary guidance.  Conception BTTS Inc. will work in collaboration with your team and put to your disposal all of its resources so as to ensure your projects are successfully completed.

Conception BTTS Inc. offers its services while conserving a holistic approach. Our strength comes from the combination of our technical, administrative and commercial expertise in the manufacturing sector.

We commit ourselves to offer you a personalized service of quality
which will answer all your needs.


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